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Our R&D department uses virtual reality to study the operation of levers and operating mechanisms, provides a quick turnaround on prototypes and puts materials and structures through meticulous testing. With these resources, backed by 40 years of experience, we have managed to inject our products with innovative content and patented technologies, like the chain control with exclusive break-resistant clutch system, which is adopted on many of the DALEX range of technical blinds.


Our ongoing research into the design of supports and materials is driven by our pursuit of strength and safety, as attested by the extruded aluminium rollers with ribbing to stop them bending or our systems made from an anodized alloy and steel to ensure reliability and long service life. Special care goes into the design of channels and fastening devices, especially on technical blinds for exterior use, which are exposed to the elements. DALEX products come with CE marking, owner's manuals and all declarations of conformity to show compliance with international standards.


The DALEX range caters to all manner of requirements in terms of protection from the weather and visual comfort, combining innovative structural solutions with technical fabrics produced by leading specialists. Skilfully designed, our exterior technical blinds are especially effective at reducing heat from the sun, producing a naturally cool environment and drastically cutting air-conditioning power requirements. DALEX also offers cutting-edge solutions where total blackout is required, as well as selective light filtering or light control in critical areas, such as at computer workstations. In addition, double blinds provide a 2-in-1 solution combining blackout and light-filtering functions. When it comes to active shading, DALEX Venetian blinds are designed to offer effortless fine adjustment of the amount of light coming in.


A mind-blowing range of blinds to choose from: DALEX designs and produces technical blinds for interior and exterior use to suit any application and size requirements. With a wide range of fabrics and different control options to choose from, our products are carefully designed to cater to every functional requirement: from mid-pane Venetian blinds, for simplified cleaning and low maintenance, to roller blinds incorporating insect screens. From concealed total blackout systems, which are integrated perfectly into the building's structure, to tensioned systems whose pared-back design and versatility are mirrored in the opening systems. And let's not forget our Contract products: ideal for large-scale projects.


DALEX technical blinds have various different operating options, all of which share the same simplicity of use. More specifically, roller systems can be chain, crank , spring or motor operated, and even remote controlled. The patented device (for chain controls) with break-resistant clutch and load-relief spring for effortless operation improves reliability and safety, while also providing the user with that feeling of fingertip control. Even the Venetian blinds are easier to use thanks to their mono-control operation by means of a chain that is also used to adjust tilt... and many other handy operating systems.


With DALEX technical blinds, maintenance issues are a thing of the past:
- structures are easy to take apart;
- washable fabrics can be removed from the roller in a matter of seconds;
- it takes just one person to inspect head boxes since the exclusive opening system remains attached to the frame.
In addition, where practicality is a major factor, DALEX has a number of ad hoc products, like the mid-pane Venetian blinds, which simplify cleaning and do away with the need for routine maintenance.

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