Light control for big surface

This vertical blind makes an excellent solution for adjusting the amount of incoming light. With its fabric louvres 127 mm or 89 mm wide and precise angling, rays of light can be reflected or diverted to achieve just the right level of lighting inside. In addition to protecting the interior from glare and direct sunlight, these blinds can also be used to achieve a suitable level of privacy.

An excellent solution that incorporates appropriate technical features while also meeting the requirements of large openings. With the right choice of fabric - even opting for fabric louvres in different colours to produce an alternating pattern - the blind can become a decorative centrepiece, making it an important part of the interior design scheme and helping create the mood and character you want, whether in the office or workplace or in homes and private spaces.

The extruded aluminium top track, which comes in a standard or slimline version, is available finished in RAL white, black and anodized aluminium or can be custom coated in any choice of colour from the RAL range.

A chain is used to angle the blind, while the slats (louvres) can be stacked using a special cord. Both are coupled with a practical weight designed to stop the chain and cords getting tangled.

Technical features:

  • Extruded aluminium headrails measuring 45 x 30 and 45 x 25
  • Blind control (angling + stacking) with micro-gearbox for effortless adjustments
  • Carrier trucks using self-lubricating plastic on both shaft and stems
  • 100% polyester cords with UV protective coating and strengthening core
  • Fabric slats in widths of 127 mm or 89 mm
  • Weighted metal bottom bar on slats treated with corrosion-resistant coating and covered in plastic or, on request, made entirely from heavy-fibre plastic.
  • All materials used are treated with a UV protective coating and corrosion-resistant finish

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