The perfect tension system for any need

It is a blind that works at 360°, thanks to a counter-roller, spring and motor system that is hosted inside the roller onto which the fabric winds; ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

For indoor use it is perfect for big dormer windows/skylights and tilted facades; outdoor use is ideal for pergolas, horizontal blinds, tilted facades or wherever a roller blind is needed, with an always coplanar and fold less sheet, even in situations of strong wind; or in situations in which it is necessary to have a blind from bottom to top.

Differently from other systems (double roller, superior and inferior boxes, cumbersome side guides) everything is concentrated on a single roller, to the sides of which there are two invisible 2 mm cables.

A concentration of essential functionality and cleanness. The system is only made of light anodised alloys and steels, to guarantee reliability, resistance and durability. To reduce friction and relative noise of movement mechanisms, particular bearings have been used.

The system is customisable for any situation: clamping, specific carters, etc.
Movement is motorised (electric/automatic), customisable with automation for sun, wind, rain or various centralisations.

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