Concealed total blackout system

This exterior Dalex roller blind is a particularly good solution when dealing with sizeable openings or glazed façades that require a blackout or light-filtering blind offering superior wind resistance, in addition to a refined pared-back design.

The blind fabric is pulled perfectly taut as the full length of the blind is welded to a zip along its side edge running inside a cushioned channel that stops wind and ensures perfectly smooth operation even on versions covering large openings.

Because the fabric runs inside specially designed self-supporting channels incorporating a second inner channel - which also make for easy installation - there are no gaps at the sides.

Technical features

  • 85 or 115mm head box made from extruded aluminium coated in a RAL colour or anodized silver finish
  • 40 x 50mm extruded aluminium channels with inner channel coated in a RAL colour or anodized silver finish
  • Option of channels built into reveals
  • Co-extruded compensating channel
  • Extruded aluminium hem bar coated in a RAL colour or anodized silver finish with galvanized weight
  • Twin brush strips inserted in bottom of hem bar
  • Idle end cap with bearings
  • Motorized with various central control options or manual crank control
  • Self-supporting system
  • Extruded aluminium rollers 54, 64 or 80 mm in diameter
  • Head box flanges made from 3mm-thick painted steel with channel centring pin
  • Plastic parts treated with a UV protective coating and corrosion-resistant finish

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