Dalex Corporate

the value of ideas

Devising details, creating functions and embodying quality.

DALEX, based in Mansè in the east of Veneto, just 40 km from Venice, has been designing and manufacturing high quality high-tech blinds since 1972: a product which has become synonymous with technological difference and Made in Italy design.

With exclusive features focussed around the mechanical components and operating devices

Continuously inventing, by being able to perceive and process stimuli coming from the market and provide solutions on several fronts: from the construction of patented solutions to the research and development of materials and the study of made-to-measure applications in partnership with the costumer.

Products which stand out due to their innovative technological contents.

Contract supplies for large-scale applications.

Special systems produced from custom-made projects which feature original equipment.

With a design vision which follows the evolution of blinds from simple furnishing items which offer protection from the sun to organic components of a wider-ranging architectural, technical lighting and air-conditioning system.