The essential and clean curtain

The linear design makes this the ideal panel blind for putting a modern stamp on any interior. The 60/70cm-wide fabric panels hang from special sliding carriers that run inside multi-channel aluminium tracks.

Choose from hand-draw or cord-operated options to determine how to stack the individual fabric panels.

A special weighted aluminium bottom bar concealed inside a pocket in the bottom edge of the fabric keeps all the blind's panels perfectly taut.

Technical features:

  • Extruded aluminium tracks coated in white or anodized silver finish with 2, 3, 4 or 5 channels.
  • Extruded PVC sliding fabric carriers with heat-welded Velcro heading and accessories at the corners to stop the fabric Velcroed-on from detaching over time.
  • Cord-operated or hand-draw with different stacking options: centre stacking, one-way draw or two-way draw.
  • Weighted bottom bar made from a flat strip of aluminium with a paint coating or silver anodized finish.
  • All materials used are treated with a UV protective coating and corrosion-resistant finish.

Technical drawing

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